Family First Life Heritage

At FFL Heritage everything we do must benefit our clients, our agents, and our company.

Why JOin FFL Heritage?

We are a Team!  Our goal is not to make money off of you, we want to make money with you.

Hyper-Competitive Compensation

We believe you should be paid what you are worth, and we have partnered with carriers that believe that as well. 

Excellent Leads

 Our lead vendor provides our agents with quality leads at their fingertips. This allows you to grow and succeed.  Our CRM is regularly updated with discounted leads

Free Agent Training and Support

Most agencies charge you for training and resources. We do the opposite. We offer high quality training from industry leaders and top producers at no cost to you. 

Top Carriers

We have partnered with the top carriers. These carriers provide name recognition to our clients. Which builds credibility for our agents. 

Customer Relationship Manager

We provide a complementary CRM. This is also used for corporate promotions, training and lead distribution.

Multiple Income Stream

All agents are vested day one on all whole life. Carriers pay commissions directly to the agent. Carrier and Corporate bonuses.

What We DO

We are independent life insurance agents, specializing in Mortgage Protection, final expense, retirement, traditional life insurance and identity theft protection. You can do all of this once you are a licensed agent in your state.  We will provide a voucher for you to complete your study for your license.

Why we are different

We believe you should get paid what you are worth. We believe you deserve to make high commissions, bonuses, and not be tied to a contract. We have the tools and infrastructure to help you and your family succeed. We know that working for Family First Life Heritage will change your life.

From Our Agents

Being a part of Family First Life has been such a blessing to me. In the short time I have been here, I have learned so much about myself and I am continuing to push myself to grow. I have never been part of a company where each and every person you talk with truly wants to see you succeed. It really is a family here. I have also learned what being a servant really means. The knowledge that we bring to families to make sure their family is protected is met with joy and relief from them, knowing that their family is going to be taken care of. When you take care of the families, your reward is that your own family is being taken care of financially. That is a win-win in my book. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon FFL. My life has been changed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially and I feel so grateful. My future is changing right before my eyes.

Angie James

Field Underwriter, FFL Heritage

 “It took us a year but we finally found Family First Life! It was time for a smart career change.  For the most part, we’ve been in sales all our lives. But even with hard work and success, there were no residuals, no asset to build – just a sale. Couple that with a setback or two in life and time for a change. FFL offers more than one income stream and is an income-producing asset long term. And the mentorship and management team are superior and selfless. It has changed our family’s future forever. I am so thankful we went searching for a better business model, a better life ..Family First Life.”

Mary-Jo Brown

Field Underwriter, FFL Heritage

Making the decision to partner with Family First Life has changed my life forever! When I first started my journey with the company, I didn’t even know who Mutual of Omaha was or the complete extent of what they did. But through the continued help and support of the Family First Life team that is always so willing and able to help me out at a moments notice, I have now been able to help hundreds of families across the nation and at the same time put myself in the best financial situation I have ever been in. The opportunities that have been opened to me could only be described as God’s hand at work and I continuously thank Him every day for the person that took a few moments and introduced me to Family First Life. I now get that same opportunity to help others that were in the exact same situation I was in and introduce them to an opportunity that will change their life forever!

Daniel Broadway

Field Underwriter, FFL Heritage

OUr Carriers

We only want to work with the best, and our carriers are second to none. We have partnered with the best carriers in the country with proven track records. They are not only for the families they serve but also the agents that serve those families as well. 


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